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If like me you think that all games can benefit from being more like rainbow islands, then you are going to love the Rainbow and Fruit version of Touch'A'Troid.

What is Touch'A'Troid you ask? well other then sounding like some sort of procedure that a proctologist would perform, it is a simple, addictive, and possibly too hard shooter built for mouse and touch screen control.

How do I play this thing? you may ask, well my inquisitive friend, you simply click somewhere and the little ship will start flying to where you clicked, while you hold down the mouse button you will keep firing. Once you get to grips with that it is just a case of shooting everything! Unless of course you are playing in pacifist mode.

There are three game modes:

  • Classic mode - shoot asteroids and space ships
  • Power up mode - Classic mode but with triple shot and shield pickups (who doesn't like triple shot?)
  • Pacifist mode - Check yer guns at the door pardner, there will be no shootin' in this here game mode

Update X:

Added Rainbow and Fruit version and uploaded the HTML5 version of R&F, I only just dropped out the HTML5 version and it is a little slow, but gives you a taste of what to expect from the full game, if you find anything horrible and buggy let me know.

Update 1.3:

Tweeked the graphics and the difficulty slightly (capped the asteroids and enemy ships again)

Update 1.2:

Made the buttons and title slightly prettier

tweaked the game play a little more (you can shoot enemy bullets now)

Update 1.1:

Just a quick update to add increasing difficulty in all game modes.

Drop me a note on twitter at @spiritek or email and let me know what you think

More information

Published Dec 05, 2013
Tagshard, mouse, Shooter
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


Buy Now$0.99 AUD or more

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